The Blessing Tree!

I just want to share to you about the story of a young couple whose business had failed, and they had little money to spend at Christmas. They were going to move out of their house after the New Year. But they didn’t want their holiday season to be spoiled because of it. So they decided to throw a party. When the guests arrived, they saw a cedar tree decorated with one string of lights and small rolled-up pieces of paper tied to the limbs with ribbon.

“Welcome to our blessing tree!” they said, beaming. “In spite of hard times, God has blessed us in so many ways that we decided to dedicate our tree to Him. Each piece of paper describes a blessing He has given us this year.”

Isn’t it nice? I have learned that whatever your difficulties, they need not spoil Christmas, for nothing can spoil Christ! We have to stay focused on Jesus and seek ways to share His blessings with others-perhaps through your own “blessing tree.”

The Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone is looking for happiness, and people follow many avenues trying to find it. They look for it in money, parties, self-improvement programs, fancy cars, luxurious homes, or promoting a cause.

Jesus taught us that deep and lasting happiness comes from being right with God. He said we are blessed, or happy, when we are:
  • Poor in Spirit- recognizing our desperate need for God.
  • Mourning- realizing the awfulness of sin and being genuinely sorry for it.
  • Meek- demonstrating self-control, even when we are mistreated.
  • Hungry and thirsty for righteousness- longing to be holy and pure.
  • Merciful- showing mercy to others, just as God shows mercy to us.
  • Pure in heart- being single minded and sincere in our devotion to Christ.
  • Peacemakers- sharing the peace Christ offers, and promoting peace with one another.
  • Persecuted- being willing to suffer for Jesus' sake.I
If you're looking for happiness...follow Jesus' way...

Happiness depends on what you are,
not on what you have!

Friendship Chain

I'm just new to this blogging world and I'm so glad to receive such friendship chain from my dear friends and an office mates at the same time: Laine of Laine's Abode and Phebie of LOVE's Haven. Thanks much gurls!

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~~End Copy~~

Just grab it if you want to....

You Take My Breath Away

I just want to share to you one of my favorite songs...

Rex Smith - You Take My Breath Away lyrics

You, I don't know what to say
You take my breath away
You're every song I sing
You're the music that I play
And you take my breath away

You, you smile and it's okay
You take my breath away
Like water from a spring on a sizzling summer day
Oh you take my breath away

There are words for the magic of a sunrise
Only none of them will do
For you, you take my breath away
And I don't know what to say
'Cause you take my breath away

You, you take my breath away
And I don't know what to say
'Cause you take my breath away
You take my breath away
You take my breath away

You take my breath away
You take my breath away
Oh yeah, you take my breath away
Oh, you take my breath away
Oh, I say you take my breath away, yeah yeah
I say, I say, I say you take my breath away

Living LIFE to the Max!

Would you believe that Jesus did not call us to live our Christian life just to escape hell? It’s not to be a life of minimum joy and fulfillment, but a life that is full and overflowing. If our primary motivation would just be merely avoiding eternal punishment then we are missing the wonders and joys and victories of climbing higher and higher with Jesus.

He promised us LIFE more abundantly. We cannot experience a full and abundant life if we are living in fear. We should not live minimally. We have to live life to the maximum!