Busy Mode

Last four weeks ago, we were so busy preparing for the National PCO-PO-RFU Coordination Meeting. Phebie and I were one of the secretariats for the said 3 day event. It was indeed a stressful yet a successful and a memorable experience we had!

Here are some pics we have...

during the field visit...

the secretariats...oops! sorry I am the one who took it

A Prayer of LIFE!

As I was blog hopping, I was able to stumble at my friend's site~ Elaine of Laine's Abode. I thought of sharing also this prayer to you...so here it is!

Teach me Lord to be sweet and gentle
In all the events in life
In disappointments
In the thoughtlessness of others
In the insincerity of those
on whom I Relied.

Let me put myself Aside
To think of the Happiness of others
To hide my little pains and heataches
To suffer from them.

TEACH ME TO PROFIT by the suffering
That comes across my path let me use it
That it may MELLOW me not harden
Nor embitter me
That it may make me PATIENT
Not irritable
That it may make BROAD in my FORGIVENESS
Not narrow, haughty and overbearing.

May NO ONE be less good for having come
With in my influence no one less PURE less TIME.
Less KIND, less NOBLE for having been
A fellow traveler in our journey
Towards Eternal Life. AMEN.

(More thins are wrought by prayer than this dream of.)

-from Rev. Fr. Brower-